Months of the Jhoril Year

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Months of the Jhoril Year

Post by talesof » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:45 pm

Here is a quick reference for consistency sake.

Calendar A year in Jhoril is represented by 365 days broken into twelve 30-day months with five Festival days that fall upon the equinoxes and solstices. These days are days when great gatherings are called and powerful magics worked, and times of celebrating the years past.

Dawning - January
This first month of the year is often one of cold and hardship, yet anticipation as well.

Frost - February
Typically the coldest month of the year, The hardest of all months; many harbors freeze over during this time. The Fflor regard this month as a time for honoring the dead.

Melting - March
This month is typically the end of winter‘s embrace upon the lands. Low-lying areas are flooded as snowmelt fills the rivers and streams to raging levels. The Vernal equinox is on the twenty-first of the month and in most areas signifies the beginning of spring. Celebrations are given for the new arrival of spring and the start of the season of growth. This is also the date of the Dawning Moot held by the Fflor.

Awakening - April
The month of Awakening is when the flora and fauna of Jhoril truly begin to emerge from their winter hibernations. Roads become passable in the north and the first caravans of the year set out. This is typically also the month that armies march to war.

Growing - May
The month of Growing is when life really begins, farmers begin to plant the crops for the year, roofs are fixed, and life is at its fullest.

Clouds - June
The month of Clouds is known for its fierce storms which will turn a pleasant day into a dark, rain-drenched mess. The Summer Solstice is celebrated on the 21st of Clouds. It marks the beginning of true summer, although typically in many places of Jhoril the heat has already climbed and summer-like conditions persist. Many communities feast and make merry on this day, and almost universally flowers are worn in the hair to mark the festive occasion. This is also the date of the Solar Moot held by the Fflor.

Flame - July
The start of the dry season is marked by the arrival of Flame.
Typically large wildfires rage across Jhoril during this time of the year, destroying and preparing for new growth in places. The month of Flame is the hottest of the year across Jhoril. The threat of drought is omnipresent during this time, and this is when crops threaten to fail, the hot dry days attempting to strangle the life from them.

Waiting - August
The month of Waiting can be the longest sometimes, as the weather continues from Flame, and the harvests are not ready for reaping yet. Typically this is the month that drovers begin their efforts towards market to get their charges there for the month of Harvest.

Earth - September
This month is when the heat of the summer fades into pleasant conditions. The autumnal weather formations bring cooler air from the Fflor lands across the rest of Jhoril. The 21st of Earth is the celebration of the Autumnal equinox, when thanks is given for the year‘s efforts and the return of cooler weather. This celebration also marks the Ashen Moot held by the Fflor.

Harvest - October
The month of harvest is a month of hard work and celebration, when the year‘s crops are reaped and the effort of the year is shown in storerooms and warehouses across Jhoril. This is also the time of year when the veil between this world and Death‘s Realm is the thinnest.

Chilling - November
The month of Chilling typically signals the first sign of winter. In the Fflor lands to the north this means regular snowfalls, while in the Tærus Empire to the south it means slightly cooler temperatures. Occasionally a late summer will emerge to warm the month of Chilling, which brightens most people‘s lives with it. By this time the Firbolg passes have closed with snow for the year as well.

Twilight - December
The month of Twilight brings the close to the calendar year, signaling the end of another year of hard toil for the common folk of Jhoril. It is marked on the 21st of Twilight with the winter solstice. It is observed with a day of quiet contemplation marked by a lit candle in the window. The Fflor know this celebration as the Lunar Moot.

The Day of Rebirth
Traditionally a day out of time, between Twilight and Dawning, where the peoples of Jhoril rejoice at the turning of the year with bright eyes and joyful hearts.

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