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Getting CP

Post by dunnewind » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:16 am

At Spring 2, we instituted a new way of reporting donations (time and money) so that it is easier for cast to grant CP to players. We ask that you note all your donations of time and money (including time spent at setup and cleanup) as the very first thing in the first section ("Suggestions") of your PEL. This makes it much easier for us to scan the PELs for these donations.

We ask that you note the amount spent in dollars and time spent in hours so that we don't underestimate the amount of CP you have earned (I seriously have no idea how long it takes to set up the forge or make 100 spell packets or how much that pretty ring you donated is worth). Please also mention if you spent any time helping us cast in a LFG (or the like).

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