New BGS and PEL Deadline - Feb 18

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New BGS and PEL Deadline - Feb 18

Post by Arif_Antar » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:05 pm

Cross-Post from Erica on Facebook

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Hey folks, I talked to the cast and due to the database wackiness at the end of last season, we want to give folks one more chance to get BGS in and Pels in now that holiday wackiness is over.

You have until Feb 18th to email me (message me if you need my email) you BGS. If you submit a PEL between now and Feb 18th (or submitted a pel during a time previous and didn't get a point yet) and email me, we will get you a point for it.

This is the last time this opportunity will be presented. After this any bgs submitted is at the whim and time of the plotwriter excluding bgs for newly gained skills/spells.


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