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Tales of Valor 2019 Dates

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:20 pm
by Erica
The final spring events for this campaign are:
May 10th-12th 2019
June 7-9th 2019

We will be securing the camp for two fall dates as well

We will be hosting a party at Camp Howe on the weekend event of Sept 6-8 2019. This will require a payin of folks attending in order to secure the camp so the more folks we have, the cheaper it will be. Depending on how many folks there are and what people are willing to toss in for cash, I may look at catering for the event too. Sat daytime will be silly larp challenges, fun modules, board games, and cleaning out the storage shed. Sat evening is more board games, a fire, good tales, possibly some movies if we can figure out some way to make that happen with the projector and drinking for those inclined. It will be Byob and ALL bottles/etc will need to be cleaned up. Discretion is absolutely requested for bringing, using, and taking booze off the site as it is a 4h camp. Drinking and driving is absolutely not allowed. Crashing on site will be encouraged. This is an open invite to anyone who has ever been part of the ToV family and friends

Oct 4-6 2019 is the "playtest" Event 0.5 for the new Tales of Valor campaign.

Thank you!