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Fall 2019 Updates

Post by deravyn » Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:17 pm

The Fall 2019 Party is in just 10 Days! Sept 6th-8th.

If you have not already, please register for the Party! Both Staff and Players are required to register and pay for the party. A link to the registration can be found at www.talesofvalor.com

Also, registration for the Playtest Oct 4th-6th will be going on sale within the next 24hrs.

ToV Party Sept 6-8.

What is it: An out of game party for the local larp community who have ties in some way (whether past, friend of a friend, or joining the community for the new game) to Tales of Valor.

Where is it: Camp Howe (the site the campaign normally uses) in Goshen MA

When is it: Fri through Sunday. Fri night will be focused on cleaning storage and hanging out. Sat will be the main activities. Sunday will be cleanup.

How much is it: $45 per person to help pay for site fees.

Food: This is a potluck event for Sat dinner and byo for everything else. We will have coffee, oatmeal and yogurt available for Sat morning and Sun morning. The kitchen facilities will be open for use, you are expected to cleanup after yourself (or arrange for folks to help with that). Fri night I’m planning on having someone do a pizza run to the local establishment for folks who want to pitch in.

How many folks expected: We are currently at the 60-65 range at two weeks out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up at around 75-80 total. I DO NOT expect folks to bring enough potluck to feed that many themselves! If everyone contributes SOMETHING that can feed between 6 and 10 we should have more than enough food.

What to bring: Normal sleepover stuff- cabin space is not being assigned, y’all are adults and should be able to figure it out. Food for the weekend and whatever drinks you wish. Board and lawn games. Boffer weapons and comfy clothing for fighting (if you want to participate in the fight tests).

The loose schedule: Keep in mind that this is a party and those of us running things would like to enjoy ourselves as well. As such this is a loose schedule of the activities planned, subject to change.

Fri night: Folks may arrive anytime after 2p. Focus will be on cleaning out storage, going through boxes and opening up the spaces for setup for the escape room (run by the amazing Dan, Brad, and Shana) and module land (run by Darren). When we get tired of being productive we can play board games in the ‘Tavern’ and enjoy a nice fire. Put up signups for Escape Room runs, fight test scenarios, and module runs.


Morning: Finish cleanup, setup larp yard sale tables and raffle tables in ‘Logistics’. Possibly setup module depending if not done Fri. Begin escape room runs. Start running Fight scenarios around 11a. Board games available in the tavern, lawn games in the areas not being used for fighting scenarios.

Afternoon: Escape room runs cont. Cont testing fight scenarios. Module runs. From 4-5 there will be Rules overview talk for folks who are uncertain about navigating the new rulebook and its systems (we know they are a bit overwhelming). From 5-6 there will be a Lore question and answer. Board games available in the tavern, lawn games in the areas not being used for fighting scenarios.

Evening: Folks should plan for dinnertime to be from 6-7. 7-8 will be open for folks who want to do character concept workshopping. At 8p we’ll pull raffle results. From then on is fairly freeform. I believe there will be dancing for folks interested coordinated by the lovely Lauren. I also believe there is a jam sessions that was being led by Brenz and Dale. Board games available in the tavern, lawn games in the areas not being used for fighting scenarios. I expect much hanging out, fire, stories, celebration, tears, and smiles.

Sun: Cleanup all areas of the camp to leave it looking fantastic. Head home.

Other: There will be sheets of paper put up for folks to share quotes and favorite memories. I will also be putting up a loose epilogue storyline for what came after the end of ToV2 for folks to create their own ‘what happened to my character’ within.

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