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Playtest Schedule

Post by Erica » Wed Oct 02, 2019 4:15 pm

Hello folks!

Love all the chatter and excitement for the playtest, please keep it up to help our cast have the energy to finish preparations!
I probably should have gotten this out a lot sooner but well, better late than never.

General schedule for the playtest:
Fri night- We will be starting a bit later than usual as I want plenty of time to go over various rules and lore with cast and players. As such checkin will be from 7-9. Cast meeting is 8:30-9:30. Player meeting is 9:30-10:30p. The next half hour is reserved for either more questions or we’ll have a half hour of “reception” time for folks to work on introducing themselves to each other and engage in chitchat to start really finding their characters. So Game on will start at EITHER 10:30 or 11 depending on how much out of game stuff we end up going over. Game will run from then to 2a.

Sat morning we will be trying a new feature, a semi-in game breakfast from 9a-10a (previously we’ve done it 8-9a OOG). We’re still sussing out exactly what the shape of this will be but if you are in garb, you are in character and can rp as such whether player or cast.

Sat Game will run 9a- midnight.

Sunday will feature breakfast from 9-10a and then we’ve put aside 2 hours out of game (10a-noon) gathering for both players and cast in the mess hall for questions, feedback, and first impressions before we begin cleanup for the event.

In game – Your characters have come to the Bulwark for Outpost Promise in order to engage in training exercises to prepare for the beginning of your duty as Vanguard this coming spring. You’ve heard rumors that soon-to-be Vanguard from Outpost Prospect, the other outpost opening at around the same time as yours, will also be participating in the training here.

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