2020 Year Passes go live Tues the 7th

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2020 Year Passes go live Tues the 7th

Post by Erica » Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:23 pm

Hello folks! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

Year passes for 2020 will be going live Tues the 7th of Jan at 8p.

Some notes:
-We are capping this campaign at 65 players per game.

-Registration is first come first get, with a limited number of year passes available in Jan, limited season passes available before the spring and fall seasons, and single event registrations available about a month before each game. Once we are out of the set of passes that is it for that type of registration pass.

-Waitlist per event will start after we run out of single event passes for an event. We usually have a person or two cancel each event.

-We understand that sometimes finances are tight when passes are released. Pay at the door will be available on a case by case basis. Please email me if you think you are going to be in that situation the day before registration goes live for single event passes go up so we can converse about it.

-Players who help above and beyond with the community, either by aiding us for early setup, staying til bitterend cleanup, or participating in two kitchen/dish shifts are awarded a guaranteed space for the following event.

-If you don’t manage to snag a registration, please come join us cast side! You earn xp for casting and can earn a spot for the following game if you help with any of the above stated things. You may even find you enjoy casting more than playing. 🙂

-Every indication points to us capping out for the coming spring games. There are simply many more folks who have said they are interested in playing than we can accommodate within the cap. Please stay aware of registration dates and be understanding.

-Have I mentioned that casting is free and that we could absolutely use some more permanent cast? Now is a great time to get involved as we finish fleshing out parts of the world and get ready for the start of the campaign!!

Thank you!
Erica M
Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
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