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The Outpost Assembly: volunteer/feedback check

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 3:34 pm
by Kajira
Hey everyone,

If you were at the playtest you might have met me as Kestral Ashflyte, a Vyfaren Keth from Gelendree, who works for the Rhiva Assembly. If you haven't met the character yet, also hello.

Kestral Ashflyte is the editor of the Outpost Prospect edition of The Assembly, which means we are planning a newspaper for you players. However, we want you to feel like you can also contribute, so we're offering opportunities for players to submit written articles, ideas for articles, and questions for our ask Annie equivalent column.

Also, we have a bunch of ideas, but we can't think of absolutely everything, if there are anything specific that you would want to see in the paper, feel free to comment or DM me.