Touching base during the pandemic

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Touching base during the pandemic

Post by Erica » Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:25 am

Hello folks!

Since more information is better than no information, I figured I'd touch base with people during the interesting times we are going through even though our first event is still a good seven weeks away.

The Corvid-19 pandemic is a serious issue in our communities right now and social distancing necessary to help keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed. I fully intend to respect that need if it is still necessary in the start of May. However this has proven to be a rapidly changing situation and we are still on the cusp of the outbreak. As such I will not be making any decisions about the first event and it's viability for a couple weeks. That means that our Spring 1 single event passes will also be delayed until we are able to get more of an idea of whether we will be holding or canceling the event.

In the case where I have to cancel the Spring 1 event, folks will have their registration moved to either Spring 2 2020, Fall 1 2020 or Spring 1 2021 (whatever is appropriate for the pass type previously purchased). You may also ask for a refund. You may also choose to donate that event cost to the game to help us stay viable this year.

Regardless, I hope you are all staying as safe as you can!
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