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Spring 2 '20 (June Event) Cancelled

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 1:56 pm
by Erica
Hello friends,

It was somewhat inevitable thanks to the slow ramp up to the Covid response. However it is still sad to announce that the 2nd spring Event, June 5-7 is canceled. Our priority is the safety of all our people. We shall continue to hope that enough changes to be able to run in the fall and will be looking at ways to stay engaged with the community over the summer.

If youa re registered for Spring 2 that registration will automatically be forwarded to the next relevant event for whatever pass you purchased (Fall 1 or 2, or Spring 1 or 2 ’21). You may choose to contact me about a refund if you require one. You may choose to contact me about donating your event fee to the game to help us be able to keep up the quality of the game. You have two weeks to do so (by Sunday the 24th). Thank you to the half dozen folks who did so for the Spring 1 cancellation. $60 plus $10 from any donation of event fee from Spring 2 will be going to Planned Parenthood as many non-profits are suffering from a lack of contributions at this time.

In good news: We’re planning on releasing the edited rulebook either tonight or tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled, an editted lorebook should be released in the first week of June. The staff will be continuing to work on planning for the campaign and we will be hosting several online opportunities to work with staff on creating your character for those who would like help as well as discussions going over questions about the rules for any interested. We’ll also be putting in some concentrated effort this summer to get a database for character creation up and functioning.

Be smart. Be safe. And keep finding ways to have fun folks!