ToV's statement on the current world situation and BLM

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ToV's statement on the current world situation and BLM

Post by Erica » Thu Jun 11, 2020 1:55 pm

I have not made a statement before this because I felt that it was important to let black voices be heard during the protests. However systemic racism is rife in our nation and it cannot be black voices alone that speak against police brutality, against white supremacy, and do the work needed to bring the inequalities PoC face to light and find justice for them. It is our duty to use our voices and privilege to support vulnerable populations and to work to provide safe spaces for them.

LARP should be welcoming for all. But our world is not equal at this time and we MUST be mindful of that. LARP in NE has grown and changed over the years and I’m sure it will continue to do so. It is our duty to make sure there is more than just space- that we provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for folks of different skin tones, religious beliefs, gender and sexual identities, physical ability, and any other vulnerable category. Our new campaign is meant to center on community and hope in the face of adversity for a reason, because the world has been a place where hatred and intolerance has been amplified by those in power. As storytellers, we can provide a place that can safely explore difficult concepts, allow for growth, and give folks a glimpse at a different way things could be.

Our nation needs to do better for those it has been built on the backs of. We white folks need to do better about confronting our implicit biases, not giving into fragility, and listening to the voices of those in the vulnerable populations. Those who spew hate are not welcome at ToV. Those who spew intolerance are not welcome at ToV. It’s up to us to do our parts, from small to big, to help make the world a more equal, equitable, and just place, one community at a time. Tales of Valor will do it’s best to foster that.

Black Lives Matter

Erica McIntyre

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