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Hype One-Shot : Vanguard Besieged

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:11 pm
by VortexCortex
Tales of Valor : Vanguard Beseiged
The year is 171. The Great City of Vatnheid, the jewel of the Ere River, has fallen.
Hailed as a triumph of the Founders’ wisdom and beneficence, the city became an epicenter of agriculture, trade, and artistic pursuit. While it saw some small amount of danger in the form of Chaos Beasts making their way up the river from the Writhe, such creatures were always dispatched by defenders on the river, and finally weakened to the point of defeat by the Great City’s Aegis Beacon.
A Chaos Leviathan, an immense creature of monstrous purpose and resilience, has rampaged its way up the river and tore into Vatnheid, accompanied by a slew of other Chaos Beasts that shared its resistance to Order. Despite valiant efforts to repel the monster on both land and water, the city was evacuated before more lives were lost, and if not for a last-ditch effort to harness the Aegis Beacon into a weapon capable of slaying the Leviathan, there is no telling how far the slaughter and mayhem would have spread.
The Aegis Beacon is weakened now, and the city is a shattered husk. While a standing force of the army has declared the city contained a month after the attack, there are citizens still trapped inside, and the Beasts that accompanied the monster still roam the streets.
The Small Council has activated you. Your team is tasked with going into the lost city to recover what you can, rescue what you can...and kill what you can. Hand-picked by the Founders themselves, you are the best of the best. You are the surgical steel of Order. You are the Vanguard.

Rules of Engagement:
-This is a one-shot RPG run over Discord.
-The system is called SuperCrew, which is super-simple to play and will be explained before the game
-Character Creation is a pick-and-choose type of pregeneration that will be constructed for you before game time.
-While there will be some terminology reminiscent of things in the rulebook, the characters will have abilities that are more abstract, the better to fit into the mechanics of that tabletop system, and will have few mechanical parallels to the actual Tales of Valor rules.
-We will run this game multiple times, and we encourage EVERYONE who sees this message to play. That said, there’s only one story, so people can only play once.
-We will coordinate game sessions through two different Doodle polls: For those who want for a more stripped-down, compressed story (One game session) or a more mechanics-heavy, longform story (two game sessions). By taking part in one or both of those polls, you will be coordinated into groups based on your availability. We are setting the player cap at 6 but we'll run for as few as 4.

Feel free to ask some questions here, or just express general interest.

Re: Hype One-Shot : Vanguard Besieged

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:54 pm
by VortexCortex

Re: Hype One-Shot : Vanguard Besieged

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:01 pm
by VortexCortex
Hello All,
As expected, scheduling a game session for 4-6 adults is not the easiest thing to do, so I've extended the dates out with new polls.



Come on down!