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Fall 2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 4:27 pm
by Erica
Hello folks,

I hope that the summer is finding you healthy and as well as can be considering everything we are dealing with in our nation at the moment. Sadly, our federal government has squandered the time earned by the drastic actions taken by states in the spring and Covid-19 continues to spread in increasing numbers throughout large portions of the US as the summer wears on. We are fortunate that Mass and most of its neighboring states took the pandemic seriously and are working hard to try and keep safety in mind while getting their economies reopened, but it would be unwise to assume that there is only smooth sailing for us ahead as we look at the approaching fall.

I stated in the spring that our priority is the safety of our community, and as such I am cancelling the fall season of ToV. At this point I feel that I need to go further and make it clear that we will not have an event until something changes dramatically with the Covid-19 situation, whether that be effective drugs for treatment or a vaccine that can allow gatherings to happen safely again.

Until that time, we intend to run one-shot online modules from Rhiven’s history over at least the summer and fall, as stated in other posts on the forums and facebook so please look for them if you are interested in joining or if you simply want more details on them. Our first module is about the Fall of Vatenheid, created by Justin A and Kevin D. and is being run by Kevin. We’ve had our first group start it’s adventure and I look forward to hearing how it went. There is plenty of room for more folks to experience it while waiting for the next installment to be created and released.

Please take care folks- remember to wear your masks when out in public, support your local business as able, fight for the rights of the minority voices in our nation that are most at risk in this pandemic, and take the lowest risks you reasonably can to do your part to keep our greater communities safe!


Edited to add: All registration will be forwarded to the next applicably run event(s) unless you specifically state you are donating your registration fees to help the game out (as there are yearly costs that we had to handle even though we were not able to run). Anyone who donated a registration (and thank you to the handful of folks that have!) will be given a notice to register for the events they donated when we can run events again before we begin single event sales as a thanks for their generousity.