Potential Fall 2021

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Potential Fall 2021

Post by Erica » Mon Mar 15, 2021 1:33 pm

Hello folks,
I hope that everyone has survived the winter and is enjoying the warming weather as we head towards widespread vaccination being available.

As I've mentioned before, we will not be running this spring.

However we are looking at planning for a potential Fall season this year.

I say potential because while things are looking hopeful for fall right now, our current reality isn't at a place where we can say things are certain. In order for game to happen we need a few things to line up properly. Vaccines need to be readily available and everyone coming to game will need to be vaccinated. Variants need to not be a threat. And MA regulations to deal with the pandemic need to be at a place to allow us to easily run game without extraordinary precautions needing to be taken.

IF we can run safely, I have asked for and reserved Sept 10-12 and Oct 8-10 as our potential Fall dates. Folks who have previously regged for a season pass will have it applied to the Fall. Folks who have previously regged for a year pass will have it applied to the Fall season and next spring season. If you have donated your pass, or wish to donate your pass, you will be given an opportunity to purchase a Fall pass. Single event registration for the Fall season will open IF we confirm running our events. I am hoping to do that in June but it all depends on what is happening with Covid.

We will ONLY confirm the fall season if the above conditions I outlined (vaccines/regulations/variants etc) are met and we can safely run the season.
But at least there is the possibility now, when there wasn't before. One of the many small things to be grateful for in these exciting times.

Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
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Re: Potential Fall 2021

Post by jenp » Tue May 25, 2021 4:12 pm

Any updates, or still awaiting better CDC guidelines, etc?

Thanks, looking to hopefully maybe finally be able to try TOV this year (if you run, and if you can't, next year!)
Jenn P

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