Officially Happening: Fall 2021

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Officially Happening: Fall 2021

Post by Erica » Thu Jun 10, 2021 2:51 pm

Hello everyone, I hope the spring has treated you well. This is the official announcement that we will be running this Fall on Sept 10-12 and Oct 8-10. We will be extending the campaign for a total of 22 games (as opposed to the original 20 planned).

Please note that in order to play or cast this fall you MUST be able to show proof of vaccination. This can either be your physical card or a photo. I'm hoping to offer a zoom session or two before the event for folks who want to be checked off ahead of time. If you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and still want to come, I am happy to discuss that possibility with you. There will be no exceptions made otherwise. If that means you require a refund of your pass, please let me know asap and I will get that taken care of.

All passes from last year have been forwarded unless you offered the pass as a donation or requested a refund due to hardship. If you DID donate or request a refund please contact me within the next TWO WEEKS in order to gain access to a new pass.

If you cannot make the Fall dates and are registered (Current list will be in comments) please contact me asap so we can figure out what to do with your registration.

Single event passes ARE limited (approx 16 spots left for each Fall event). As such I am trying to make it as fair as possible for folks to have a chance of registering. I’m hoping to have one batch for Fall 1 go live Sunday evening, and one batch Weds am in the last week of June but I need to check with my webmaster for exact times. Once we have them, I will edit this post to include that information. We will also post a few days before they go live as a reminder.

As always, if you can plan on being available to help with setup (anytime Fri from 1-9p) please come help if you can. Please try and plan on staying to help with cleanup (Sun, game off til end), even if just for an hour or two, if at all possible. These are two critical areas of the game that are not glamorous but allow the game to keep running.

There will also be a slight change to the run times of the game for this season. Please know that the goal of this change is to try and aid folks in being able to come off the event less exhausted and will likely be instituted for the entire campaign if proven helpful.
Game hours: Friday 8:30p Cast meeting/ 9p Player meeting/ 9:30p Game Start – 1a Game Off.
Sat: 9-10a ‘Soft start’ (Roleplay only, no combat while folks get breakfast) – 1a Game Off.
Sun: 9-10a ‘Soft start’ (Roleplay only, no combat while folks get breakfast) – 12/1p Game Off (depending on when final plot wraps.)

Dave Catania will be our chef for meals (Hooray!). If you want the mealplan PLEASE signup early so we know how many folks we need to feed. The Mealplan is currently $25 and provides Sat breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as Sunday breakfast. Please note that after this season we will likely need to increase the mealplan cost as food expenses continue to rise.

If you want to sponsor a meal for an npc (we usually eat those expenses so we can provide food to our hardworking cast for free but funds are tight due to the lost year during the pandemic) it is just one of the ways you’ll be able to help support this game this fall season. More opportunities will be posted as we continue to get ready for the game.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
-Erica McIntyre
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Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
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Re: Officially Happening: Fall 2021

Post by Erica » Thu Jun 10, 2021 2:52 pm

Registration List (as of June 10th 2021)
Last name First name
Fellows Nicole
Stickgold Eli*
Paige Stephanie*
Jurkowski Kilean
Bouvier Jacob
Blagg John
Wood Angela
Cockerill Jack
Monsen Carly
Mims/Dorr Whitney
Desmond Amy
Fontino Hilary*
Sieracki Briar*
Brandt-Erichsen Haley*
Ringrose Rob*
Casarano Marco
Washer Jon
Crawford Scott*
Lehnert Benjamin
Crawford Scott
Taylor Adam
Taylor Brent
Dunnewind Michelle
MacAlpine Maggie*
Morse Aaron*
Dale Jonathan*
Tsitkin Yelena
Golebiewski Bert
Gordanier Thomas*
O'Neal-Odom Ivy*
Timbro Daniel*
LaDuke AJ*
Nelson Patrick
Blache Rob
Whiteley Sabrina
Nasuti Michael
Wronowski James
Merrill Leanne
Blake Merill
Totaro Allyson
Totaro Kyle
Knowles Chris
Bender Seth
Mann Nicole
Krusas Joe
Eltringham Daniel
Dean Micaila*
Bobcock Doug
Swasey Charlotte*
Becker Natalie
Seeley Michael*
Schweppe Charles*
Adams Brad
Goodman Shana
Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
Game Owner
Tales of Valor

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