Fall 1 Covid Protocol Reminder (READ)

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Fall 1 Covid Protocol Reminder (READ)

Post by Erica » Mon Aug 30, 2021 1:41 pm

Hello folks,

We are two weeks out of game and I wanted to put out some updates and reminders.

We are still currently intending to run game. I will make my drop dead decision on whether to cancel by Sat 4th. If I cancel this event, I will also be cancelling Fall 2. We will not be trying to hold a one day, unfortunately those require just as much effort as a weekend game for us because of how we do things.

What I’m looking at for making that decision:
-What is the current trend in the area for Covid cases in the NE area? [Current positivity rate for MA has been hovering around 2.75% for at least a week now and cases per 100,000 for NY, Vermont, MA, NH, CT, and Maine are at 23 and under].
-How did the LARPs that ran in the last few weeks go? [As far as I am aware there has been no spread from FI or Myth, both of which ran a week ago, and Mythical Journeys just ran this weekend so I’m keeping an eye on that].
-How does the community feels about our protocols and coming to game? [Please comment below in this thread if you’d like to weigh in].

Unfortunately, with any sort of gathering there will be a risk. All of the steps we are taking are meant to LESSEN the risk and will, as long as everyone follows them.

Those steps are:
• From now until game (and for two weeks afterwards) we ask that you please wear a mask when indoors in public spaces or crowded areas regardless of whether there is a mask mandate in place in your area and regardless of whether the folks in that space are vaccinated.
• We’re asking that everyone get asymptomatically tested before and after game. There is no easy way to check so we aren’t mandating this, but we highly recommend it. Once you do your test, please use common sense and don’t go into situations that may put you at risk, such as crowded indoor dining or gyms between then and game time.
• You MUST have proof of vaccination on you when you check in (cast and player alike). This can be your vax card itself, or a picture of it and one of you holding it (must be able to see your face, and the writing on the card). If you don’t have proof you WILL be sent home.
• You will need to give the checkin person your current phone and email address for contact tracing.
• You MUST wear a mask when indoors at game. The only exceptions are when eating or sleeping and we are doing our best to spread folks out and will be asking folks to eat outdoors as much as possible.
• We will be keeping the windows in Logistics and the Tavern open at all times to help promote airflow. All buildings on site are fairly open and there are fans available to help ventilation.
• Please share these steps with everyone you know is coming. Not everyone checks the forums, discord, or facebook and I’d hate to have to send someone home because they didn’t know they need to bring proof of vaccination when they are vaccinated (But I will if it comes to that).

For sleeping arrangements, please keep in mind that we are encouraging folks to camp (tent or car) and stay off site if safety is a concern as well as our efforts to spread people out. For players, if there are people you are more comfortable staying with, please make sure you fill out this form: https://forms.gle/bYPmXxzQgEfXPsrR9. We will be finishing cabin assignments by the end of the week so it’s better to do it sooner rather than later. Thank you to everyone who has filled it out so far.

If you want to tent camp as a player or cast please let us know! We’re identified some decent spots for it but it’s good to have an idea of numbers.

Parking is also going to be tight, I’ll be putting up a parking post as we get closer to help folks identify what they should be doing for that.

As a reminder we currently have a no questions asked cancellation policy. We want you to stay home if you aren’t feeling well. We want you to do what is right for you in regards to coming to game.

In the end, my philosophy is that we need Art and community interaction now more than ever. Assuming that case loads don’t start increasing dramatically in the area over the next two weeks, I hope that we can help show that there is a way forward to provide those things thoughtfully, with safety precautions in place to lessen the risk.

Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
Game Owner
Tales of Valor

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