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Version 1.21 of the Rulebook

Post by ambisinister » Wed Sep 08, 2021 5:30 pm

Dropping a small rules update. Here's the changelog. Downloads will be added to the helpful links channel on discord. Will cross post to FB as well to keep things covered until we get them added to the website.

Tales of Valor: Fellowship Rules v1.21 Changelog 9/8/21
The main goal of 1.21 was to provide some important clarifies and balance tweaks to a few abilities that we wanted to see in practice during game 1 so we could evaluate them. I also took the opportunity to clean up some more typos and errors that slipped through cracks. Thank you to everyone who has been reporting them. On to the meat:

Common Abilities
Clarified that Health and Alterity are not Basic Abilities.
Triage now lets you ask about long until your target wakes up on their own.
Mend has had two clarifications: Due to the nature of how mend works, you just need to be in touch range of your target, you don’t actually need to use your arms, so feel free to mend yourself or others if both your arms are broken, keeping in mind the other mend restrictions. Speaking of, when mending a conscious target, to fix their limbs for example, they still can’t be moving around or being active without interrupting the mend ability. So no mending someone who is actively fighting or mending while on the move.

Changed Crystalize Mana-cost is down to 2 components, and you make five per event whenever you’d like instead of just one per day.
Added Recycle
Recycle: (Free) [BG, Perk]: At the end of the event during check out you can, on a one for one basis, convert unused charges in a flask into a ‘component’ with an elemental alignment matching the elements used in that flasks creation. These components may only be used to create new flasks

Flasks are meant to expire at the end of the weekend. Though this was always the intention it was never clearly spelled out in the rules. So we made that clear and also added a new relevant perk. Here’s the text in full from the crafting supplement
Any Flasks with unspent charges will expire at the end of the event. By using the Recycle Perk the Extractor may convert unspent charges from any flask into a “component” matching one of the elements used in that Flask’s creation that can be used towards filling new Flasks for the next event. When checking out your components, indicate how many flask charges you’re recycling and what components they are being used for. You may recycle any flask, not just ones you create.
Recycle comes for free when you buy Basic Extracting.
We also clarified how holding flasks and using them in combat works
In use the Flasks themselves contain the magic and when “opened” release the magic at a target of the Flask wielder’s choosing. The Flask should be in hand when its effect is cast and the effect delivered by Spell Packet or touch as appropriate. Flasks are an exception to the one hand one item rule outline on pg 17 of the rulebook. You may hold a Flask in the same hand as another item, such as a weapon or shield as long as you can do so safely. In this case you can only use such items defensively, and again, only if you can do so safely.

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