Sending Information to Outpost Officers

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Sending Information to Outpost Officers

Post by JBerner » Mon Sep 20, 2021 1:58 pm

If players would like to send a message to Outpost senior staff or OOO workers between games, they can submit an email to cast at containing their message. This is intended for In Game, “heads up” style things such as “We are researching/planning/dealing with this particular thing and want you to be aware of it”, “We wish to discuss this particular topic with you next time we see you and want you to be prepared”, or “We are going to be hosting Such-and-Such meeting at X time next gather and are inviting you to attend”.


There will be no between-game response to this email, and there is no guarantee that the NPC can arrive at any requested times. This is, effectively, your character walking over to the OOO and dropping a note with an office admin. There is no guarantee that the Officer you tried to reach was available, could rearrange their schedules, or had much/any time to in-depth review your message.

This is not a replacement for the mail ticket system in any way – you are not guaranteed a response in game, the Outpost staff will not send mail back to civilization for you if you don’t have a mail ticket available, and all letters back to the Cities are still required to be submitted before the end of each game weekend. The mail system guarantees delivery to the person listed on the assigned ticket, and definitely increases the likelihood of a response – that is not what this is meant to do.

Please let me know if there are any other questions regarding this.

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Re: Sending Information to Outpost Officers

Post by ambisinister » Mon Sep 20, 2021 9:39 pm

Speaking of contacting people, here is a reposting of the how the IG mail system works. This text is taken directly from the rule book.

In the world of Rhiven, the cost of delivering the mail can be quite expensive, especially at remote outposts. Each gate that has to be opened to move goods costs money, and once through the gate, individual couriers must still run the "final mile" to ensure a package gets to the person it needs to. Because of these challenges a Courier's Guild was formed. They offer contracts to provide the service of mail delivery. These contracts are typically negotiated with individual municipalities, or large and powerful organizations, such as academies.

For an ordered world, the mail and paperwork must flow, so most of the volume of mail is reserved for official mail, however a portion of municipality contracts are always reserved for the population. In order to fairly distribute the ability to send correspondence, many municipalities started the tradition of a mail raffle. Citizens and employees of the municipality are entered into a drawing to win a mail ticket for personal correspondence. Winning a mail ticket is often met with a sense of joy: either to be able to send a note to a distant friend or family, or to enjoy a financial windfall when trading it away. Counterfeiting of a mail ticket is considered a serious offense in many municipalities, as it can severely impact their contract renewal terms.

A mail ticket does not guarantee a response back from the target or that the information you receive is true (though it will be accurate to the best of your target’s knowledge). You can send as many letters as you have mail tickets. They MUST be written, have the mail ticket attached and be placed in the Courier's Guild mailbox before the end of the event. Mail submitted through email or BGS after the event will not be accepted.

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