2022 Spring updates!

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2022 Spring updates!

Post by Erica » Fri Mar 11, 2022 7:22 pm

Happy soon-to-be Spring everyone!
May 6-8
June 3-5
Sept 9-11
Oct 7-9

Thank you for your patience while you wait for registration to go live! Here are some updates:
• Event registration is now: $70
• Mealplan is now: $30
Unfortunately I have to increase prices due to rising costs for things. We are still one of the best deals in town for what we offer but I hate it when we have to increase what we are asking for. I’m still dealing with pandemic fallout with carryovers so we will not be offering year passes. We will be offering a number of Spring season event passes and Fall season event passes as well as a number of single event passes for each game. Fall season passes will be offered in two groups- one when the spring season pass goes live and one over the summer.
• All available Spring Season passes will go live Monday 3/14 evening.
• Half of the available Fall season passes will go live Monday 3/14 evening.
• All available Single event Passes for Spring 1 will go live Monday 3/14 evening.
• Mealplan passes for Spring 1 will go live Monday 3/14 evening
I apologize for the short notice on timing. This week got away from me (yay work!). I’m going to say an 8p (EST) go live at the moment but I need to lock that down with the webfolks. I’ll hopefully have that soon and will post any updated times asap.
The database will not be live for spring unfortunately. Rob and our volunteers have done a valiant job trying to get it viable but we simply aren’t at that point yet. Your patience is appreciated!

My current list of registered folks (27) are:
Aaron Morse Spring Season pass Mealplan
Alex Taylor Spring Season pass
Amy Desmond Spring Season pass
Angela Wood Spring Season pass
Benjamin Lehnert Spring Season pass Mealplan
Bert Golebiewski Spring Season pass Mealplan
Brent Taylor Spring Season pass
Briar Sieracki Year pass Mealplan
Carly Monsen Spring Season pass
Crystal (Jack) Cockerill Spring Season pass
Eli Stickgold Spring Season pass Mealplan
Haley Brandt-Erichsen Spring Season pass Mealplan
Hilary Fontino Year pass Mealplan
Jacob Bouvier Spring Season pass
John Blagg Spring Season pass
Jon Washer Spring Season pass
Jonathan Dale Spring 1 Mealplan
Kilean Jurkowski Spring Season pass
Maggie MacAlpine Spring Season pass Mealplan
Marco Casarano Spring Season pass Mealplan
Michelle Dunnewind Spring Season pass
Nicole Fellows Spring Season pass
Rob Ringrose Spring Season pass Mealplan
Scott Crawford Spring Season pass
Stephanie Paige Spring Season pass Mealplan
Thomas Gordanier Spring Season pass Mealplan
Whitney Mims/Dorr Spring Season pass Mealplan

If you think you should be on that list and aren’t, please message me ASAP. If you think know someone on that list is no longer planning to come to ToV please message me ASAP.
If you want to come play but do not manage to get a spring season or spring 1 pass message or email me AS SOON AS YOU CAN. If you have temporary money issues- contact me! For this year I have to use the same system we have been. I’m hoping I have more leeway to explore other options for how to handle registration next year to make it less stressful for folks, but for now this is where I am at logistically. We will be capped between 70 again for this season but we’ve gotten everyone in so far so please communicate with me!
If you want to make a donation now is a great time as we start ramping up for the season. Money is always tight and we’re still recovering from the last couple wonky years! We have a general donation fund that is linked on the website. IN ADDITION we have a special…something…planned for spring 1 (because we’ve NEVER pushed the boundaries of what can be done at a larp before…oh wait). But it needs your help! Our goal is to reach $300 (But more is better!) to help fund this super secret project. If you want to contribute to our ambitious project for Spring 1 PLEASE include ‘+add special instructions to seller:’ with the note: FOR SUPER SECRET SPRING 1 PROJECT. Thanks in advance to everyone who is willing to contribute to either cause (us having materials to run the game or this super secret spring 1 project)!
Covid protocols:
You will need to have a valid Vaccination card WITH BOOSTERS (pic accepted) to show us for this year. We WILL adjust our policy based on current rates and best practices. At the moment that will be required masking in the kitchen, recommended masking indoors, and recommended testing before and after. Again. This is subject to change as we get closer but I want folks to know where we stand on protocols at this moment. As always we expect folks to be respectful of what people need for personal space accommodations as we explore what our reality is post Omicron peak this spring. If you are a vulnerable member of the community and are not comfortable with our policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Nick Vale to discuss your concerns.

Thanks all and I hope to see everyone Spring 1!!

Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
Game Owner
Tales of Valor

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