Spring 1 2022 Event Reminders

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Spring 1 2022 Event Reminders

Post by Erica » Sat Apr 30, 2022 11:02 pm

Hello folks!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start of the spring and is ready for the event! Some reminders and notes as we head into next weekend:
• As always, we need help with setup and breakdown. If you can spare us even an hour or two on either end that is very helpful.
• Please be conscientious about where you park your car- it MUST be off the main road clearly in case an emergency vehicle needs to come through. It cannot block the state road that leads into the woods by the stables. The main areas to park are down behind the stables, along the road between the stables and main camp, and back past the camp area where they have wood stacked in that little lot. Please do not park up behind Ops if you are staying the weekend as we try and keep spots up there for folks traveling onto and off camp.
• Please have your character updates in by Thurs. Liz will be printing that evening.
• If you are a new player and have not sent in your concept you must do so by Weds!
• If you have a pop-up that you have provided in the past and can provide it again this game it would be appreciated. I’d like to have 2-3 outside the tavern and 1 outside logistics. I will be able to provide for 1 of those.
• Ticks are a thing. This is time is ripe for them. Use protective bug spray and check every evening for them please. They are no joke.
• Sunblock is your friend. So is hydration and planning for big temp changes. Please plan accordingly and take care of yourself.
• CAST you are encouraged to bring re-fillable personal water bottles with you as we have moved away from providing disposable cups to help cut down on waste. Due to the robust meals provided, we’ve cut back on snacks as well, please plan accordingly if you think you’ll need access to food outside meal times (Sat 9a, Sat 1p, Sat 6p and Sun 9a).
Covid Protocols:
• You must show proof of ID with booster. Please bring your card of a picture to checkin, that is when and where we will check. If you are cast, someone will be checking with folks during Friday. Once you’ve shown proof for the year, you will not need to do so again unless/until another round of boosters is called for this year.
• Please test before and after the event, especially if you were in large group gatherings where the vaccination status of those around you was unknown within the last week. This is not mandatory but highly recommended.
• We are keeping indoor masking mandatory this game as the positivity rate is currently above 5%. The spirit of this is meant to be aimed at helping keep people safe when in prolonged-close quarter contact. So if you are only briefly stepping inside, you do not need a mask- please be smart and considerate about it. You do not need to mask in your own bunk for sleeping. All buildings are quite permeable.
• There will be disposable masks available at logistics, the tavern, and outside modules.

If you have any questions please let us know and see you soon!
Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
Game Owner
Tales of Valor

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