Fall 2022 Notes

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Fall 2022 Notes

Post by Erica » Fri Aug 19, 2022 12:10 pm

Hello folks!

Thank you for your patience thus far as I catchup on everything after getting back from my vacation. As was mentioned by Nick's post we ARE planning to run our events this fall: Sept 9-11 and Oct 7-9.

I'll be reaching out to folks who donated their registration to help us cover costs this spring over the next couple days to get their fall registrations set. If you donated your reg and have not heard from me by Weds 24th please reach out to me asap so we can get that set! Your place for the event is held so please rest assured that you will be getting in regardless.

Spots will likely be available for new registrations for our Fall events! If you are NOT registered for the ToV fall events currently, did not donate your event, but wish to come play Fall 1 or 2 (or both), please email us at tov3admin at googlegroups dot com. If you are registered for Fall 1 and want to register for Fall 2 please email us at that email. I'll work on getting folks set and in as space is available. I'll be posting the registration list early next week so folks can check their status for fall events if uncertain.

The following protocols will be place for the Fall events for all participants:
-You must show proof of vaccination (with 1 booster) at your first event of the season.
-Masks must be used in indoor public spaces. KN95 or N95 recommended. We will try and have spares on hand in the cast center, at the tavern, and outside any modules.
-We ask that everyone please take an at home Covid test the day of coming to game. It is logistically too difficult to require proof, so this is honor system. We recommend you take another test middle of the week after the event. If at any time you show potental symptoms- test. We will have a limited supply of tests at Ops.
-If you feel unwell outside known reasons (you know your body best) stay home. If you have a housemate/partner with Covid- stay home. We will continue our no questions asked rollover of cancellation of reg for an event for health reasons policy.
If you are concerned about sleeping arrangements there is always the option to tent, car camp, or nearby hotels. Please contact me or Nick in advance if you wish to tent so we can make sure we have enough designated spaces.

We will be posting a cast form later today. If you intend do come NPC Fall 1 we ask that you keep your eyes out for it and fill it out, regardless of whether you are a veteran or if this is your first time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Erica and Nick
Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
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