Fall 2 2022 Registration

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Fall 2 2022 Registration

Post by Erica » Fri Sep 16, 2022 7:40 pm

Hello folks, not sure if the pic is going to work but that's the current reg list for fall2. If you want the mealplan, please let me know below on this thread or via email and I'll get you an invoice next week. If you aren't yet regged and want to be (Current FA1 players I have not heard if wishing to attend are or need to reg are: Ben Dow, Charles Schweppe, Jonathan Dale, Matt Bush and Michael Seely. Please contact me with the best email to paypal an invoice to you and we'll get you set for reg!) With 47 players currently regged (and 24 mealplans) there is plenty of room for new folks to come explore the game if you know anyone interested in joining! Cast are already hard at work on plots for Fall 2 so hope to see you there!


First name Last name Fall 2 Meals
Aaron Colon y
Aaron Morse y both
Alex Taylor y
Allison Totaro y
Amy Desmond y FA2
Andrew Chang y
Andrzej Laczek y FA2
Benjamin Dow
Benjamin Lehnert
Bert Golebiewski y both
Brad Adams y
Brad Kreger y FA2
Carly Monsen y FA2
Charles Schweppe
Charlotte Swasey y both
Chris Knowles
Crystal (Jack) Cockerill y
Daniel Eltringham y
David Leung y
Douglas Babcok y both
Douglas McCulloch y both
Eli Stickgold
Gavin Alexander y FA2
Haley Brandt-Erichsen
Hope Ring y both
James Wronowski
Jennifer Patrick y FA2
Joe Palmer y
John Blagg y
Jon Washer y
Jonathan Dale
Justin Pluff y
Kyle Totaro y
Larry Dembski y
Lars Schissler y both
Leanne Blake
Leigh (Whitney) Mims/Dorr y both
Leslie Prunier y
Logan Kreger y
Maggie MacAlpine y both
Marco Casarano y FA2
Matthew Bush
Michael LaJoie y both
Michael Seely
Michael Vera
Michelle Dunnewind y both
Mick Dean y both
Natalie Becker y
Paul Dunford y
Rob Blache y both
Rob Ringrose y both
Sabrina Whitley y both
Scott Crawford y
Shana Goodman y
Shannon Gmyrek y
Stephanie Paige
Stephanie Tyll
Thomas Gordanier y both
Todd Miltimore 1/2 (sat only
Tori Stearns y
Yelena Tsitkin y both
Erica McIntyre [she/hers]
Game Owner
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